Monday, October 9, 2017

At least the GOP's War on Women is going well.

Good news ladies. If your employer is a cheap skate or has some weird religious hang ups about sex your right to control when you get pregnant, you're in luck!

The trump administration just got the health and human services to grant a sweeping exception to employers to stop paying for your birth control.  It's now entirely on you, isn't that awesome! 

Now you can pay who knows how much a month for the privilege of not getting pregnant.

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

If you're pro-life but somehow think this decision is a good idea, please please please explain your rational to me.  If your rational in any way has a religious component in it, good luck, you're going to fucking need it.

Let's be clear, this decision is to fellate Trumps fervent religious right constituents, nothing else.

What staggers me is this administrations hell bent ambitions on entirely wiping out Obama's legacy without thinking about the misery they're going to cause.

This is universally a bad decision for women.  This will result in more unintended pregnancies and more abortions. We're at an all time low for abortions because women have access to birth control!

Even worse, it's going to affect the poorest women the most. This are the women who can least afford to get pregnant.  Never mind the republicans' never ceasing assault on welfare programs for children.

As a father of daughters, I'm looking at the reality that it's FUCKING 2017 and my daughters will have less access to contraceptives then their mother and grandmothers.

This doesn't surprise me.  This is yet another fantastic example of the republicans gleefully taking away women's rights.

If you know a woman who identifies themselves as a republican, please ask them to explain their parties positions on women.

Ask them about pay equality.

Ask them about paid maternity leave.

Ask them if they think it's okay that their employer can decide to deny them free access to birth control.

Grab your phone and simply google "Republicans stance on rape" and prepared to be truly horrified.
Seriously only do that in an incognito browser.. I can only imagine what the great google machine will think of searching for shit like that..

Then sit back and watch the cognitive dissonance as they try to hold their idea of the republican party and are faced with the reality that the party is actually universally hostile to women's rights.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Our unyielding love of guns will end us all.

I think this world has broken us in some sense. I know that I should be outraged and horrified. I know that I should be grieving for the family's who loved ones were senselessly killed.

However, I find myself just numb. Just un-surprised, saddened and resigned to the fact that this massacre will simply result in another wiki page entry along with the day Tom Petty was in the hospital. Lots of people will fill their facebook with hashtags and prays.*

In some number of days or weeks some other person, in desperate need of mental health services, will find it in themselves to likely commit another atrocity.

Already there are people howling this is some false flag operation or some other conspiratorial prattle.

My co-worker and friend had something very insightful to say about the battle lines being drawn:

"I'd think anti-gun activists should shut the fuck up. Let the gun nuts try to fucking explain this one. The moment they speak up the gun nuts can now talk about how their coming to take their guns and the conversation about the massacre will end."

I agree with him. I really want to hear their bloviating "stand your ground" argument. I want to see them tie themselves into Gordian knots trying to argue how guns are keeping us all safe.

Then like usual we'll get to watch our senators, have moments of silence in the capital, quietly thumb the stack of cash from the NRA and do nothing.

And do nothing is what they'll do. Even now you can bet a shiny penny the pro gun lobby are running through the halls of the capital getting promises and handing out donations to ensure that nothing happens.

I'm not even going to address the dumpster fire. He'll manage to fuck this up, you watch.

* - Hashtags and prays piss me off.  We've got plenty of those, neither seem to be doing fuck all. 

Find out who your senators and representatives are and call, email and write them. Depend stricter gun laws. Demand bans for assault rifles. Demand serial tracing from manufacturer to owner.

Here's the ugly truth. I think it's time America falls out of love with the gun. It's done nothing but inflict misery on us. It's an abusive relationship. We keep thinking that next time, it'll be better, but we know the truth. It offers us the sweet promise of protection and provides little. Instead it gives us some materbatorial fantasy about how we're all going to be dirty harry.

The ugly truth is, we'll either use it on ourselves, or love ones or they'll use it on themselves. Our children will find them and use it on themselves or others. 

It's a pandora box of misery.