Sunday, September 20, 2009


It's pronounced "Nes-Fam", what does it stand for? "No Soda For A Month".

I figure I'm going to be heading off into the woods for a couple of days with my cousin and a good friend to clear my head and I figured it would be a good time as any since I'll be away from the stuff to get my head (and body) away from the "liquid candy". I've been getting my ass to the gym and needless to say I've started to see some results. My waist has slimmed down and I have more energy and strength then I know what to do with.

As anybody who reads this blog (all three of you!) know, I hate High Fructose Corn Syrup. I think it's utterly diabolical shit that'll end up killing us all in the end, so I've really been striving to completely remove it from my diet.

So Starting Oct 1st, I'm going to try going soda free for a month. My plan is if I make it a month, I can make it two, etc. I have to be completely honest though, I don't really drink much soda to begin with so it's a bit like a guy who smokes 3 cigarettes a week announcing that he's quitting. However, with all that said, there's something to making a promise and sticking with it!