Sunday, October 7, 2018

Kavanaugh, or as I will be calling him, Dick face.

Let's be frank. Right now in basements all over Maryland people are tossing shoe boxes full of polaroids looking for that one of Kavanaugh when he was passed out drunk and they drew a dick on his face.

Henceforth, I'll be referring to him as dick face.

This to me seems like yet another chess move in the long con that is the Republican party. Realize that while we've been thinking about fighting the battles, they've been fighting the war.

With putting Kavanaugh on the supreme court they ensure their power is locked in.

How? The supreme court doesn't have to take a case. They take simple polls to decide which cases are point on the docket and which ones they decide to not rule on.

Now with a conservative majority on the court do you think a case regarding Gerrymandering is going to be taken up? Especially one that might cause a Republican held state to redistrict in a way that might allow an independent/Democrat any wiggle room? We both know this answer.

Let's be clear, this new court is has a clear mandate, given to it by it's republican masters.

1. Row v. Wade.

2. Obergefell v. Hodges (Same Sex Marraige)

3. Chevron deference.

I know that last one is a bit obscure, but trust me you care about it.

In a nutshell, the EPA is allowed to write it's own rules. Imagine a situation where whenever the EPA wanted to ban a particular class of chemicals it first needed to go in front of a court. That's what elimnating chevron deference would do. Just imagine how that would gum up the works for the EPA / BLM / etc.

As to the first one on that list we all know how that would go. Needless to say, a number of women greater than zero is going to die from lack of access to cancer screenings and back alley abortions.

I've written this before but I believe that my child and grand children will have less access to reproductive healthcare than their mother and grandmother.

I can only gawk at this horrifying situation and ask a simple question.

There's clearly a demographic of people who are rabidly anti-abortion. How willing will they be to sacrifice their daughters, sisters and mothers? I have this weird sense that when it gets down to the brass tacks they'll talk the talk but quietly go to Canada to get their fifteen year old daughter and abortion.

I threw in that last sentence because the other leg their standing on is a rather unworkable and known to be patently unworkable sex ed. curriculum of abstinence only.

Let's be clear, as long as their has been teenagers, their have been teenagers having sex. Only now they'll be doing it completely uneducated to the risks and have no options.

I'm sure the next thing on the chopping block will be all the services these young mothers will need to take care of their unintended children...

We are living in the worst possible timeline.


Monday, July 16, 2018

What crosses the line into treason?

Let's be frank. All 17 of our intelligence agencies have concluded without a doubt that Russia meddled in the 2016 elections to help get Trump elected.

This is a fact that is NOT in dispute.  As much as the Foxtards would like argue that it is.

What's also not in dispute is our relationship with Russia. It's a hostile one. We're not military allies. With the exception of a few distinct things (such as the space station) we're on the opposite sides of the table.

Knowing our decades long history with Russia and knowing that they've been actively working to undermine our democracy, you have to ask the question.

"What is Trump going at here?"

He had an opportunity to stand up to a bully and say, "Cut your shit. We're hip to your games, we don't appreciate them and if you keep them up, they'll be consequences."

He had an opportunity to show Russia that our bonds with NATO were as strong as ever.

Instead he attacked our allies.

Who has this trip helped? Certainly not us. Certainly not our allies.

If Trumps allegiances were unclear, they're clear now. He's a Russian Shill. No other president in history has acted more disgracefully towards our allies or kowtowed to our enemies.

At what point do you have to ask where the line for Treason is drawn?

Saturday, June 2, 2018

When will Republicans cut bait?

As much as it's a sketchy shitshow, Trump plowing Stormy Daniels and then having his fixer Cohen cover the whole mess up in the most incompitant way possible has just been a distraction.

But with that said, it's still been a bit of a shrug fest because Trump hasn't really fucked with our economy until now.

Look,Republicans have been happy to yield the stage to this buffoon if it meant they could cram through partisan Judges and enact shitty pieces of legislation without much scrutiny.

However, Trump's lining up to seriously fuck up our economy just in time for the 2018 midterms.
If you're a republican in Congress or the House, behind closed doors they have to be having a fit.

Blowing up our trade relationships with Canada is just plain stupid. This will have instant ramifications. Canada is a HUGE trading partner with us, one that we have very equitable trading relationships with. This fully demonstrates how stupid Trump is.

Farmers in the midwest (many of whom voted for Trump) are likely (albeit quietly) going on into the barn and cussing up a storm as they realize the guy they helped put in the White House apparently has little understanding of how markets work.  They're going to find themselves shut out of all the international markets, with a glut of product driving the price per unit towards zero... combined with rising fuel and labor costs. Compounded shitshow seems like a good term.

This all culminates with the final question: "When will Republicans cut bait on Trump?"

It's clear they don't give a flying fuck about his impropriety, immorality or dishonesty.

They do however seriously give a fuck about the economy.  How many town hall meetings will they need to flee from before they sit down and say "We need an exit plan."

I just hope that time comes before our economy is in a tailspin.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

I think, we are; proper fucked.

I've attempted to be sanguine in the face of this unmitigated disaster we're calling the first year and a half of the Trump presidency.

I've attempted to tell myself that "Yeah, he's terrible, but our institutions are strong" as he's undermined those institutions. I've then fallen back on, "Well, the people he's putting in are only skin deep and there are core elements that won't be affected" to simply watch these governmental agencies hemorrhage career employees.

I then moved onto "Well, at least the press will hold him accountable" only to watch as he works to undermine the credibility of the press.

I then thought "There has to be a bridge too far. He'll have to do something that so abhorrent that even the staunchest of his allies will pull back from him." I know this is a crazy one, but I held out some hope. Only to watch as Republicans stepped in line to back a guy who couldn't quite denounce nazi's.

As I write this the WH is currently flopping around about their defending, maybe not defending, not sure when they didn't or did know that this guy Porter was a serial spouse abuser.  Even though it's clear, they knew because they wouldn't give him a security clearance (they generally don't give clearances to people who do shit like that because it can be used as blackmail)

"When you dance with the devil, the devil don't change, the devil changes you..."

I believe when we finally find our way out of this miasic forest of pus and rot, we will have been invariably changed.

We will no longer consider civility as a virtue, but as a weakness. Pluralism will be considered pandering and will be used as pejorative in the same way liberalism is used today.

Any notion that we were a nation that once stood as a beacon for the common good, the rule of law and the pursuit of liberty and justice will die a quiet death, in fact you can argue it's on life support now, with people eagerly grasping the plug.

Thus, I think we are proper fucked.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Trump's infidelity should come as no surprise.

Looking at the various news sites today, what I most noticed was a general apathy about the ?maybe? revelation that Trump's people paid ~$160k in hush money to a porn star who screwed around with Trump.

The reason to me is quite obvious.  This is entirely within his character.  This is a man who has a history of cheating on his spouses.

The bigger question now is how credible is this claim?  Apparently people have know about this for awhile but there hasn't been enough evidence to corroborate this allegation.

Monday, October 9, 2017

At least the GOP's War on Women is going well.

Good news ladies. If your employer is a cheap skate or has some weird religious hang ups about sex your right to control when you get pregnant, you're in luck!

The trump administration just got the health and human services to grant a sweeping exception to employers to stop paying for your birth control.  It's now entirely on you, isn't that awesome! 

Now you can pay who knows how much a month for the privilege of not getting pregnant.

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

If you're pro-life but somehow think this decision is a good idea, please please please explain your rational to me.  If your rational in any way has a religious component in it, good luck, you're going to fucking need it.

Let's be clear, this decision is to fellate Trumps fervent religious right constituents, nothing else.

What staggers me is this administrations hell bent ambitions on entirely wiping out Obama's legacy without thinking about the misery they're going to cause.

This is universally a bad decision for women.  This will result in more unintended pregnancies and more abortions. We're at an all time low for abortions because women have access to birth control!

Even worse, it's going to affect the poorest women the most. This are the women who can least afford to get pregnant.  Never mind the republicans' never ceasing assault on welfare programs for children.

As a father of daughters, I'm looking at the reality that it's FUCKING 2017 and my daughters will have less access to contraceptives then their mother and grandmothers.

This doesn't surprise me.  This is yet another fantastic example of the republicans gleefully taking away women's rights.

If you know a woman who identifies themselves as a republican, please ask them to explain their parties positions on women.

Ask them about pay equality.

Ask them about paid maternity leave.

Ask them if they think it's okay that their employer can decide to deny them free access to birth control.

Grab your phone and simply google "Republicans stance on rape" and prepared to be truly horrified.
Seriously only do that in an incognito browser.. I can only imagine what the great google machine will think of searching for shit like that..

Then sit back and watch the cognitive dissonance as they try to hold their idea of the republican party and are faced with the reality that the party is actually universally hostile to women's rights.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Our unyielding love of guns will end us all.

I think this world has broken us in some sense. I know that I should be outraged and horrified. I know that I should be grieving for the family's who loved ones were senselessly killed.

However, I find myself just numb. Just un-surprised, saddened and resigned to the fact that this massacre will simply result in another wiki page entry along with the day Tom Petty was in the hospital. Lots of people will fill their facebook with hashtags and prays.*

In some number of days or weeks some other person, in desperate need of mental health services, will find it in themselves to likely commit another atrocity.

Already there are people howling this is some false flag operation or some other conspiratorial prattle.

My co-worker and friend had something very insightful to say about the battle lines being drawn:

"I'd think anti-gun activists should shut the fuck up. Let the gun nuts try to fucking explain this one. The moment they speak up the gun nuts can now talk about how their coming to take their guns and the conversation about the massacre will end."

I agree with him. I really want to hear their bloviating "stand your ground" argument. I want to see them tie themselves into Gordian knots trying to argue how guns are keeping us all safe.

Then like usual we'll get to watch our senators, have moments of silence in the capital, quietly thumb the stack of cash from the NRA and do nothing.

And do nothing is what they'll do. Even now you can bet a shiny penny the pro gun lobby are running through the halls of the capital getting promises and handing out donations to ensure that nothing happens.

I'm not even going to address the dumpster fire. He'll manage to fuck this up, you watch.

* - Hashtags and prays piss me off.  We've got plenty of those, neither seem to be doing fuck all. 

Find out who your senators and representatives are and call, email and write them. Depend stricter gun laws. Demand bans for assault rifles. Demand serial tracing from manufacturer to owner.

Here's the ugly truth. I think it's time America falls out of love with the gun. It's done nothing but inflict misery on us. It's an abusive relationship. We keep thinking that next time, it'll be better, but we know the truth. It offers us the sweet promise of protection and provides little. Instead it gives us some materbatorial fantasy about how we're all going to be dirty harry.

The ugly truth is, we'll either use it on ourselves, or love ones or they'll use it on themselves. Our children will find them and use it on themselves or others. 

It's a pandora box of misery.