Friday, December 12, 2014

Why is there any confusion about ISIS?

While I try to avoid the news because I think it mainly consists of hyperbole with nuggets of truth thrown in, I do end up seeing a fair bit of it on the screens at the gym and hearing a couple hours worth on my commute to and from work.

If only 1% of the stories about ISIS are true, I don't understand why there's any hand kneading about what we should do.  It's terrible to say, but if machine guns have any purpose in this world, it's to be used on psychos like these people.

Let's be clear about this.  We as a species are trying to build a long lasting viable civilization.  These nutjobs are clearly not working towards this goal.  Yes we can get in a pedantic argument about the failings of western civilization, of which there are many.  However, on balance, where would you rather be living?  Boston or Mosul?  Exactly.

What's even more frustrating and maddening is that when it comes to the religion aspect of it, people suddenly get all squirmy about it.  People don't want to call a spade a spade.

We, the western world are in hot war with radical Islam.

To a larger extent we're in an ideology cold war with Islam as a whole.

Now, I'm sure you're asking why I'm espousing such "Islamophobic" prattle?

Because it's true.

Right now we're bombing people whose stated goal is to build an Islamic state.  These people are trying to fulfill a stated goal in their holy book and we're trying to stop them.

In other western countries we're actively preventing Muslims from setting up Sharia courts and undermining the existing legal systems.  This is clearly the west taking a stand against ideology.

What's maddening to me is when people say "Well this isn't about Islam, it's about blah." Except it is about Islam.  These people wouldn't be doing what they were doing if their heads weren't filled with crazy ideas they got from Islam.

What's even more maddening is when people say "Well these people don't represent Islam." Except they read the same books as everybody else but came to crazy conclusions.

Even more maddening is that you haven't seen a rising up of a great Islamic army of Muslims who see what ISIS is doing and saying "Give us guns, we'll push these crazies back they're making a mockery of our religion!"  Maybe those people are out there and I just haven't heard any coverage of them.  There's lots of talk about "vetting" five thousand troops.  The way ISIS numbers are swelling there going to need at least five times that if not more.

There's also a good reason that there's been so much foot dragging on this as well.  Once we arm such a group, we largely lose control of them.  These people have other scores to settle.  If they (with US air support) were to solve the ISIS problem, they've got a stated goal of toppling the Syrian regime. Needless to say, if you're an Alawite in Syria, I'd keep your bags packed by the door...

Tragically anyway I see this shaking out, there's going to be endless bloodshed for at least the next five years if not the next fifteen.  I suspect when it's all done the middle east borders will be redrawn and mass graves will be ubiquitous.