Tuesday, August 1, 2017

When will be the tipping point?

As this dumpster fire continues to grow I can't help but wonder where the tipping point will be?

Yes, there will be forever die hard Trump sycophants who will support him no matter what he does.  Those people can be put to the side for the moment.  Though a good question is actually how many of those people are truly out there.

There are I think many more people who voted for change and the "not hillary" option without fully comprehending what they were buying.

It's also been my experience speaking with people who were Trump supporters that they thought his buffoonery was simply a campaigning tactic and have now come to realize that actually it was no charade. He really is a boorish, rash, ill informed narcissist that actually does not have their best interests at heart.

I even think there was a contingent of "Yeah, he's an asshole, but he's our asshole".

Except as people have discovered, he's not. His executive orders, the chaos in the white house and the floundering with regards to healthcare have demonstrated better than any poorly formed talking points that he's actually here to cut the taxes for he rich and line his pockets.

As I see it, the GOP has a serious fucking problem. Their president is deeply unpopular.

Social media is ensuring that people aren't forgetting that these guys tried to assasinate their healthcare without having a suitable plan in place.

There's talk of the Democrats working with a group of Republicans to craft a way forward to fix some of the ACA's structural issues.

Just sit back and ask yourself if you think Trumps ego would be capable of dealing with the Democrats and Republicans crafting a bill that saved Obamacare?  I suspect it's a poison pill his ego couldn't swallow.