Monday, May 16, 2011

Cry me a river!

I hope that you, like me were completely disgusted with the performance that the oil companies put on in Washington.  Seriously, they weren't even trying!

Let me get this straight.  Hundreds of thousands of Americans are out of work.  Gas is at four dollars a gallon and oil companies are raking in huge profits... Yet those guys argued that cutting the billions of dollars worth of subsidies is un-American?

I REALLY hope that wasn't from a prepared statement... I just would like to hope that they had a Sarah Palin moment and stupid just fell out of their mouth.

Otherwise, what the fuck.  Are they that crass?

Let's not forget that BP wrote off $10 Billion of the money it put aside as a tax credit...That's right... they pollute the shit out of the Gulf and then push a portion of the cleanup on to us...thanks assholes.

Though I suppose you have to see it from their perspective.  They've been on the government dole for so damn long they don't know what it's like not to be partially subsidized by the government.  To them it seems very un-American to take away something that they practically consider their right... namely to fuck us black and blue coming and going.

What's probably even more flabbergasting to them is the notion that for all the money they've spent putting the people into congress who were gonna tow the line have suddenly gotten all independent and starting listening to their constitutes (the voting one's, not the big oil money one's)

All I can say is "Cry me a river!"

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden's dead... *shrug*

So finally after a trillion dollars, two endless wars and a whole pile of bullshit, we managed to kill Bin Laden.  Whoopee.  Quite frankly I'd forgotten about the old fuck a this point.  No big surprise he was in Pakistan.

As for disposing of his body at sea, that make sense.  A body, grave, pictures all that stuff turns the guy into a martyr.  I'm not sure that this generation of jihadists really care that much about the message of Bin Laden anymore.  I think the pictures of the Iranians shooting their students in the street when they asked for basic rights pretty much spelled the end of the idea of any other state turning into a theocracy.

You don't have to look far in the papers to see that your average Muslim has taken a hard long look at their governments and said "This is bullshit!".  The governments got the guns but they've got the numbers.  I'll place my bet on the numbers any day.