Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thanks Sony, I just bought a Wii...

Dear Sony,

I really wanted to buy a PS3, really I did. I did my research on what version of the PS3 I wanted to get and that's where the problems began.

Basically it boils down to your dropping support for PS2. I could possibly understand PS1 but PS2? Why would you do something as asinine as orphaning ~1500 games from your game library?!?

If you were going to make an incompatible games system, do so but don't call it PS3, call it "Game System One".

Because of this stupid move, I decided to take my money elsewhere and buy a Wii and I couldn't be happier.

Whoever over there at Sony got the bright idea to drop PS2 support from the PS3 should be fired for stupidity.

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Anonymous said...

Best/Most Popular game systems:
1. Nintendo DS
2. Xbox 360 Elite
3. Nintendo Wii
4. PS2
5. PS3

Go go Sony!