Thursday, July 30, 2009

Well isn't that a pile of sad shit...

I don't know how many of you remember this, but a couple of years ago down in New London Connecticut a bunch of people were evicted from their homes and the town took their land under eminent domain. Obviously the homeowners got lawyers and the whole thing ended up at the supreme court where the court basically fucked the average citizen in the ass and said that it was totally cool.

It's good to know that after all that, they went and built a... oh wait... the lands still sitting barren four years later?!?

Are you telling me the town evicted a whole shitload of people and then bulldozed their homes and then did nothing with the land?!?

What about that hotel and those condos they were going to build? Oh it was predicated on the idea that they were going to build some Coast Guard museum that I guess the people involved haven't even decided they're going to put in the area?

Wow that's pretty fucking lame. I guess when it's time for elections that'll be a pretty easy campaign slogan:

"Vote for me! I won't steal your home and then bulldoze it for nothing!"

Also a shout out should be made to the Supreme Court who basically decided that business was more important than peoples rights, but this being America, we pretty much knew that was the case anyway...

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