Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Problem With Evil and its Logical Obliteration of God.

The problem with evil is that it causes an intractable logical conundrum for those who believe in an omnipresent omnipotent loving god.

Imagine a being who could cure all childhood cancer but chooses not to do so.

If someone were to hand you a button upon pressing that would instantly cure all childhood cancer, would you press it?  Suppose there are no side effects from pressing this button.

What would the average person do if they were suddenly presented with a button, upon being pressed would cure all the worlds children of cancer?  What if that button only cured twenty children, or just one random child with every press?

I can't imagine any scenario in which you would not press this button.

Following that logic it would appear that most people are therefore more moral than god.

God either could cure all childhood cancer but doesn't therefore he's evil.
God is unable to cure all childhood cancer therefore he's impotent.
God causes childhood cancer for some unknown reason?

One shallow argument that's constantly made is that god isn't knowable and so complex that we can't possibly understand his/hers/its motivations.

I consider that argument a complete cop out.

I can not conceive of a scenario where a child dying of cancer is a positive outcome.

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