Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Ever Growing Calamity

Listening to the testimony of Comey, I can't see this but adding to the ever growing calamity that is the Trump presidency.

If for a moment, we believe that what he's saying is true, we've got the following string of events.

  1. Flynn interacts with the Russians in an unsanctioned way outside of the purview of the State department.
  2. Against the recommendations of the Obama, and then A.G Yates, Trump hires Flynn.
  3. Flynn then ends up getting fired when it's discovered he's had far more interactions with the Russian than he disclosed and his being actively investigated by the FBI.
  4. Trump then fires the FBI Director and holds up a memo saying it was for a bunch of other stuff.
  5. Trump then goes on T.V. and confirms he did it because of the FBI investigation into Flynn.
  6. Then Comey leaks his memos stating that Trump what? Encouraged, Implied that the FBI leave Flynn alone. Also that Trump asked for his Loyalty.
Pause for a moment and repeat this phrase in your head "NONE OF THIS IS NORMAL"

We have the FBI director looking in the camera and saying "The Russians influenced our election and here's the evidence" and we have our current president saying "All that stuff is fake and they didn't"

What the actual fuck.

I can't help but shake my head at this situation and ask the obvious question.  Imagine for a moment that Clinton was president, do you think we'd be here right now?

As much as I'd like to engage in an act of Schadenfreude, unfortunately the assholes who were so intent in punching holes in the boat are on the same boat as me.

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