Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dear Sarah Palin...

Wow, how you've fallen from grace girl! What happened? Only a couple of months ago you were riding around in a private jet with lots of nice fancy cloths actually thinking you might be vice president. Now here you are resigning as governor hoping like hell you don't end up getting brought up on ethics charges!

I know it must be rough when the press who sat on their asses while George Bush and his cronies got us involved in a bunch of illegal wars, lied to the American people and racked up massive debt basically gave them a free pass, maybe you were hoping they'd give you the same courtesy.

Who are we kidding. We both know the only reason you got elected as governor of AK is because the last guy was so terrible your entire campaign consisted of "I'm not that guy." The only reason you were picked as vice president was in hopes of stealing votes away from those people who were pissed that Joe Biden was picked for VP instead of Hillary Clinton.

It could also be that after seeing Barack Obama speak they realized they were totally fucked and needed a scapegoat to blame when things went wrong. I can't imagine that any presidential campaign worth its salt wouldn't have looked into your closet and closely examined all the skeletons before signing off. We both know the GOP has better scruples then that! Except we both know the don't... More likely is the idea that by basically burning you at the stake they've taken the heat off the prior administration that had you not been such a hilarious side show would likely be infront of a congressional hearing answering for all their bullshit.

We both know the GOP is totally freaked out by women in power. The idea of a woman in control of the largest state in the union must have really pissed some people off. What a better way to get rid of you then to nominate you for the VP, know you'll fail but will fail so amazingly that by the time the dust cleared you'd be hawking crap on informercials. I also hear that Cheney had his CIA assassin squad take care of a certain boisterous TV celebrity to make room for you!

Though now that the press has had a chance to look into your personal life, I'm sure MTV called and pitched the idea of the reality TV centered around your life. I'm sure it'll be something of a mash up between the real world and that show about Hulk Hogan's house.

Best of luck with all that!

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