Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Hey Gang,

I'm going to warn you now that this post is going to be all over the place!

I've always been a huge space nerd and 40 years on I'm still awed by what we were able to accomplish and saddened by how little we've accomplished since then. Yeah, the ISS is kinda cool, but it's in low earth orbit and it's honestly been a huge money sink. I'm not sure we've gotten anymore out of it then we got out of Mir.

When you think about the Trillions (a number with 9 zeros after it) we spent fucking up Iraq/Afghanistan/etc we could have a fully manned base on the moon and mars and a couple ISS as way stations!

Also, while the shuttle is cool, we should have started a long time ago building it's replacement. The big issue is that it's not nearly reusable as we were led to believe and it's actually turned out to be a huge headache to maintain and it's fragile.

I've been watching what's been going on in Iran with somewhat of a sidelong glance. In so much that after we've finally getting Iraq sorted out, Iran (who BTW had a lot to do with the instability in Iraq) is going to come apart at the seams. What I think the whole world has learned (as well as the Islamic council) is that there is a whole heck of a lot of unhappy people in Iran who feel very disenfranchised. We've also all learned that the the people currently in power basically will do anything to stay in power and anything they say about democracy is just empty prattle. Now, a weak Iran might be good for Israel, so how they're going to manipulate this is yet to be seen.

Now, of all the TV shows I've ever watched, one of the shows that I can watch over and over is Futurama. I've come to the painful conclusion that Fox is being run by drug addled criminally insane gophers in clown suits. How do I know this? There is talk of recasting the voice actors for the show...

FOX, are you out of your FUCKING mind(s)? While your at it, why don't you redub all of the smurfs with and Gilbert Godfrey and Serena Williams!

I'm pretty sure in some sensible society what you're doing would be considered a crime!

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