Monday, March 29, 2010

I can only imagine who they're going to spin this...

Well, the gauntlet has been thrown down. Princeton University just released a study showing HFCS contributes to obesity. You can read the article here.

Obviously those of us who think HFCS is partly responsible for dietary health abyss this country is falling into feel that this will finally give some legitimacy to what we've been saying.

However, I'm rather interested in seeing how the other side responses to this.

I figure there's three things they can do.

1. They can attack Princeton.
2. They can attack the study.
3. They can attack the message.

I suspect they probably won't do the first thing. That would look really petty. However I do expect them to attack the study and the message is sends.

I'm sure right now there's a study showing that there's no link between HFCS and obesity. You know once it's done they'll roll that baby out! I also expect them to go over the study with a fine toothed comb and tout any inconsistency they can find.

I also expect to see lots more of those "HFCS, it's just like sugar" with lots of healthy looking happy people playing in the park, with not a fat person in sight!

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